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What Should I Do to Prepare for Divorce Mediation?

For many divorcing couples who wish to save themselves the time, expense, and headaches of divorce litigation, mediation can be a real solution. Although estranged spouses often disagree on various matters related to their divorce, a willingness to resolve their differences through divorce mediation can mean the difference between a drawn-out, hostile court battle and… Read More »

Why Mediation May Be the Best Option for Resolving Your Divorce

A divorce is typically stressful, emotional, and downright traumatic for all parties involved. Even the strong conviction that divorce is right for your family cannot prevent the divorce process from being overwhelming and draining. The question, is, why would you want to make this time in your life even rougher by fighting over every issue… Read More »

Choosing Early Mediation to Resolve Divorces

A recent article in the Connecticut Law Tribune discussed the benefits of entering into voluntary mediation early on in the divorce process. According to the article’s author, a former judge, early mediation can result is less tension and a lower cost for all parties involved. While going to mediation late in the divorce process can… Read More »

Alternatives to Litigation in Divorce

Too often in life, it seems that we leave the most important decisions to people we have never met. An important job application goes to an unseen HR director. A request for a loan is sent to an accountant in a far-off corporate office. Divorce doesn’t have to be handled in the same way. If… Read More »