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Why Mediation May Be the Best Option for Resolving Your Divorce

A divorce is typically stressful, emotional, and downright traumatic for all parties involved. Even the strong conviction that divorce is right for your family cannot prevent the divorce process from being overwhelming and draining. The question, is, why would you want to make this time in your life even rougher by fighting over every issue related to your divorce in court? Financial situations tend to change dramatically during a divorce. Is spending thousands of dollars on attorneys and experts really what you want to do or what you can afford to do?

Reach a Resolution That is Tailored to Your Needs
Every family is different, and the reality is that the court system does not have the ability to fix a dysfunctional family. The solution that a court may impose on your family is likely to make you, your ex, and your children equally miserable. A divorce judge can apply the law to your situation in order to make the decisions that he or she feels is fair and in your child’s best interests. However, the judge does not know you, and the solution that he or she comes up with may not be what is best. By using mediation to resolve your divorce, you and your ex may be able to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of your differences by simply working together to do what’s best for your family, even if you are no longer going through life as an intact family.

Avoid Expensive Litigation
A recent BusinessWest article states that the legal costs involved in a typical divorce that is resolved through litigation has grown astronomically in recent years. Plus, individuals often are unable to get a clear picture of the total costs of a divorce because no one knows exactly what twists and turns a divorce case will take before a resolution is achieved. On the other hand, mediation costs typically are more than reasonable and fairly consistent. Mediation is likely to cost between $1,500 and $5,000, whereas a fully litigated divorce could easily reach ten times this amount of attorney’s fees.

Prevent Return Trips to Court
An estimated 80% of all litigated divorces end up back in court for one reason or another. While post-judgment litigation is inevitable in some situations, mediation can lessen the likelihood of returning to court. Since you and your ex were able to resolve your divorce in a calm, efficient, respectful, and mutually acceptable manner, you may be able to continue to communicate with your ex in this manner in the future, which decreases the probability of a conflict that lands you back in court. Improving communication, a Huffington Post article notes, can be essential to working through post-divorce problems as a team, rather than a broken couple at war with one another.

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