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Colorado Attorney-Mediator Guides Couples Through the Divorce Mediation Process

Loveland mediator provides compassionate support

Divorce does not need to be brutal. At Kealy Law & Mediation Center in Loveland, we have worked for many years to demonstrate this to Colorado residents. We strive to provide excellent divorce mediation services to make your marriage dissolution as painless and stress-free as possible, with you firmly in control of your future. Attorney-Mediator Karen Kealy is a skilled and experienced mediator who can steer you toward a positive result during an emotionally difficult time. Mediation saves time, and it eases the financial & emotional burdens that are made worse through a standard divorce process. We can address every aspect of your divorce in a mutually acceptable manner and with the empathy and personal attention that you deserve.

Knowledgeable counsel for a complete range of spousal disputes

Kealy Law & Mediation Center advises and assists couples seeking to end their marriage in a convenient, cost-effective manner. In mediation, we will address every potential issue in your divorce, including:

  • Legal requirements — Not only will we make sure negotiations do not get out of hand, but we’ll also take care of the drafting of the mediated agreement and filings so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes while filing your separation or divorce agreement.
  • Child custody and support — It’s important for both parties to feel that parenting arrangements, more than any other aspect of divorce, reflect their input and consent. Mothers and fathers understand what is in a child’s best interests better than any judge can.
  • Property division — When couples disagree about how assets and debts should be allocated in their divorce, we can work with you to create a personalized solution that is agreeable to both parties.
  • Spousal maintenance — Instead of using legal formulas to compute a temporary or permanent solution, the mediation process will allow both parties to come to consensus on spousal maintenance thus averting problems later.

At Kealy Law & Mediation Center, we keep each matter in perspective and never let you lose sight of the big picture: a divorce that protects your rights and those of your children, while allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Contact a diligent Colorado family law mediator

Kealy Law & Mediation Center assists Coloradans seeking to resolve divorces and other family disputes through mediation. Please call 970-673-4713 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our Loveland office.